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牟健: A Test of Protection Motivation Theory in the Information Security Literature: A Meta-Analytic Structural Equation Modeling Approach


报告时间:2021年6月25日(星期五) 9:00-10:30

报告平台:腾讯会议,ID:246 641 485

:牟健 博士




Information security is one of the important domains of information systems research today, with Protection Motivation Theory (PMT) as one of its most influential theoretical lenses. However, empirical findings based on PMT are often inconsistent and inconclusive. To reconcile these inconsistent findings, we conducted a meta-analysis to investigate the relationships among PMT constructs, while also considering additional contextual constructs that are not specified in PMT. Ninety two published studies were meta-analyzed and estimated using structural equation modeling. Our results confirmed three of the five predictors of security motivation intention, as postulated by PMT, mixed support for perceived vulnerability, and no support for response cost. We found coping appraisal variables of response efficacy and self-efficacy o have the largest average effects on security behavior. In addition, cultural attributes of collectivism and individualism moderated some of the pairwise correlations, PMT-theoretic relationships were generally stronger in personal as opposed to workplace contexts, and the intention-behavior relationship was strongest in workplace and compliance settings. Our results contribute to the information security literature by providing guidance for future PMT-related research, and by demonstrating how meta-analysis and structural equation modeling can be combined to test theories in information systems research.


牟健,博士,现为韩国釜山国立大学商学院信息系统副教授。2015年毕业于南非金山大学获得信息系统博士学位。毕业后随即在韩国成均馆大学交互科学系从事博士后科研工作,参与韩国BK21 plus科研项目;于2017年9月到12月为伊利诺伊大学芝加哥分校的访问学者,2019年6月份起为加拿大渥太华大学管理学院博士后。其主要科研领域为互联网用户行为研究,电子商务研究,社交媒体,电子健康医疗研究,人机交互行为研究,以及信息系统和信息管理相关的研究。目前为国际SSCI期刊Electronic Commerce Research 的副主编(associate editor), SSCI期刊Journal of Electronic Commerce Research 副主编,SSCI期刊Behavior and Information Technology 副主编,SSCI 期刊 Internet Resaerch 副主编,SSCI期刊Information Technology and People高级编辑,以及SSCI 期刊Journal of Global Information Technology Management和Information Technology for Development客座编辑,其参与并主持多个国际信息系统和电子商务领域的学术会议。其共发表SSCI/SCIE论文40余篇