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尚广志: 以太坊区块链的交易费用机制更新


报告时间:2021年9月23日(星期四) 8:00-10:00

报告平台:腾讯会议  ID:882 4461 9458

:尚广志 教授




EIP-1559 is a proposal to make several tightly coupled additions to Ethereum’s transaction fee mechanism, including variable-size blocks and a burned base fee that rises and falls with demand. This report assesses the game-theoretic strengths and weaknesses of the proposal and explores some alternative designs.


Guangzhi Shang is Jim Moran Associate Professor of Operations Management in the Department of Business Analytics, Information Systems, and Supply Chain at Florida State University. His research has been published in Production and Operations Management (POM), Journal of Operations Management (JOM), and Decision Sciences (DS), among others, and recognized by best paper awards at POM, JOM, and POM Society’s College of Operational Excellence. He serves as the co-Department-Editor for the Empirical Research Methods Department at JOM and for the Retail Operations Department at DS. His review service is recognized by the 2019 outstanding reviewer award of DS and the 2018 best reviewer award of the Journal of Operations Management. He was also nominated for the best reviewer for POM and best associate editor for JOM. He co-produces a column together with Mike Galbreth and Mark Ferguson in the Reverse Logistics Magazine named “View from Academia,”aimed at disseminating fresh-off-the-press academic knowledge among industry professionals dealing with consumer returns.